I'm working in online advertising since 1998 and finally decided to start my own blog.

The All mighty Angles – what they really are and how to utilize them properly?


Everybody talks about angles … you need a strong angle to make money with your ADs, this angle is not working, try another angle, use aggressive angles … but what the hell is an angle actually? Let me copy&paste a definition for you :

“An angle is the space within two lines or three or more planes diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from a common line…” Ok sorry, not this ANGLE, fuck geometry 🙂

We are talking about the angles used in advertising

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How I lost almost $500 in a few hours, because of a bidding mistake on a big traffic source.

One would think, that after multiple years of buying traffic, I would know how to prevent stupid mistakes from happening… but I’m far from being perfect so it seems 🙂 Let me tell you what happened to me a while ago and learn from it, that’s what the failures of others are good for!

I was running a campaign on ExoClick, which is one of the largest traffic

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How many languages does an affiliate have to speak?


Here is a question I am being asked a lot : “Do I need to speak some foreign languages in order to make it big in Affiliate Marketing?” The answer is pretty easy to give actually, you should speak some English and that’s about it. English is something like the official language of the Internet, so you definitely need to speak some. I’m not trying to tell you that you need a university degree in English, but the better you are at it, the easier your life of an

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How not to become a lonely psycho affiliate!

Working on your own, no boss around, no fixed hours and no place to show up at, just because someone told you so … this is the life of an affiliate, sounds like a dream right? But wait, it can also fuck you up quite nicely, believe me, I’ve been there. So let me tell you a bit about how I started as an affilaite and what I did in order to keep my sanity … at an acceptable level at least:)


It all looked fine for a while, my life looked like this at some point at the beginning of my

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The Email Subject Line Experiment – How to increase open rates.


Yesterday I sent an email to the subscribers of my newsletter, in an attempt to find out how much the subject line will affect the opening rate. 24 hours have passed so it’s time to sum up the results a little bit. But first of all, why did I do this in the first place? This blog is about marketing and it’s supposed to help the readers to become better marketers. Real life experiments are the best way of learning something, I believe they are 10 times as valuable as

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HOW TO optimize a campaign into profit – step by step guide for one of my methods.

Intro: I’m re-posting this guide from the STM Forum, that I originally wrote it for. It’s one of my most popular threads over there, so I thought it would be a good idea to post it here on my blog too. It will also give you an idea about what kind of stuff is posted on the STM Forums, should you ever consider joining it.

This is a perfect method for running PAID Traffic campaigns, promoting mobile PIN submit’s or Sweeps offers in tier2 and tier3 GEOs like Asia, Eastern Europe, Latam and the Arabic World – A lot of money is being made in these countries and it’s the best choice for any newbie to paid advertising.

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One of the most popular and most easy to use verticals (product categories) are SOI and DOI LEADGENs. To be fair, I shouldn’t even be calling this a vertical as it’s basically a “conversion point” or “collection method” that can be used in pretty much any vertical there is.

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Traffic Targeting – The Best Friend Of Anyone Running Paid Traffic.

Whoever want’s to start buying traffic has to understand targeting. It’s one of the most important skills you need to master, but also one of the easiest to understand. Let’s not waste time here and move on with the topic, so what exactly does targeting mean? Simply put : it’s a way of picking just the traffic that we need. So instead of serving our ads to every single visitor of a site, we decide who we want to show them to.

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Whatever business you are in, you should know as much about your competition as possible, I think there is no need to argue about this. You should know what your competitors sell, where they sell it, how they get customers etc … Online business is no different – whether you are running an e-shop, selling someone else’s products or simply promoting something as an affiliate, you should always know who you are competing with, in order to get as much visitors as possible to see your and not your competitors advertising campaigns.

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