I'm working in online advertising since 1998 and finally decided to start my own blog.

How not to become a lonely psycho affiliate!

Working on your own, no boss around, no fixed hours and no place to show up at, just because someone told you so … this is the life of an affiliate, sounds like a dream right? But wait, it can also fuck you up quite nicely, believe me, I’ve been there. So let me tell you a bit about how I started as an affilaite and what I did in order to keep my sanity … at an acceptable level at least:)


It all looked fine for a while, my life looked like this at some point at the beginning of my affiliate career: there was a site that I was submitting one-page photo galleries to, if they accepted them, they went life at midnight EST time. Once listed, I would replace the gallery with a banner farm and bang, I made about $50-$70 until the site owner detected this and deleted my listing. I was making about $1000 – $1200 per month this way, while still studying … mind you, the average salary in my country was about $300 at that time … Life was awesome 🙂

The only problem – the time zone – midnight EST was about 5 a.m. in my country. So instead of waking up so early, I often just stayed up that late and went to bed around 5:30 a.m. And my school started at 9 a.m. … I ran into problems with some of my professors, because I seriously used to fall asleep at times during the lessons 🙂 I only had 1 year of uni left thou, so I managed to graduate somehow and became a full time affiliate.


Pretty much all my networks and advertisers were from the US, this was around 2001-2002, US totally dominated the advertising market back then. The problem were the time zones again, I simply had to work in the evening in order to catch my partners online. It wasn’t such a problem during summer but winters brought a new challenge for me – I was missing the daylight 🙂 Since I went to bed just a while before sunrise and then slept until noon, I didn’t see the sun at all on some days. This really drained me and I had to change my habits or I’d face serious sleep and personality disorders.

This lifestyle also had a pretty negative affect on my social life, I was sleeping until noon, while my friends were having a coffee at out favorite place. They went out for a beer in the evening, but I couldn’t, because I had an e-meeting scheduled at 9 p.m. After a year of this crap, I gave in and decided to try one thing : I approached 3 of my best friends, told them what I was doing and offered to coach them so they can work with me. All 3 of them were super excited and wanted to start straight away, 2 more joined us during the next month so we ended up renting an office that could host 6 aspiring affiliates 🙂


This totally changed my life, from living a boring life of a lonely wolf, I transferred myself into a member of an intense mastermind group, built up from 6 money-hungry young guys. This turned out to be one of my best decisions ever – one of the guys learned how to code, one became good at graphics, several guys were making ads and I mastered my communication skills in English (I know they’re not perfect, but better than before:)

We worked as a well oiled machine for years, throwing ideas around, changing concepts, building sites … many people say it’s a bad idea to build companies with so many partners, but somehow we managed to stay together until 2010. That was when some of us decided to take their own paths. One of the guys is my business partner until this day, the others are all still killing it on the internet and running their own online businesses. Except for one dude, who decide to find a “real job” and is now working as a network admin at some local company … to each his own I guess 🙂


If there is one thing you should take from this, it’s to find a business partner or a two and work together. You don’t have to form a company together, just share some office space and bounce ideas around. It’s easy to get stuck when you’re working alone. It’s also easy to become a weirdo and an antisocial dude when you’re spending too much time alone. DON’T do it! I have many cool memories that feature our small office, computer games and a ton of beer 🙂 These aren’t exactly productive memories, but hey, life is not just about work, right?

I also really like the idea of shared office space, I see these facilities popping up in every major city. This could be the perfect starting point for an affiliate. Not only does it cut the startup costs down a lot, it also serves as an amazing networking hub and gives you the so much needed social contact.


Another thing that helped me manage my life better and prevent myself from going crazy, was setting up some basic schedule. Nothing carved in stone, just something I try to follow.

First of all, I had to separate my personal and work life. At some point, I would just come home from the office, start my home computer and keep on working. I had to stop doing this when my twins were born, I even had to remove the comp from my house all together. These days, I have a comp at home again, but I’m only using for general maintenance, emergency stuff and some forum postings. If there is work to be done, I do it once my kids go to bed and the house is silent again.

I had to set a time when I simply end and go to bed. As mentioned above, I still do some work when my kids go to bed, but it’s more of a lifestyle thing than a necessity, since I’m a night owl and don’t like to go sleeping too early. My limit is 2 a.m., that’s the latest I call it a day, usually it’s about 1 a.m. Obviously, I need to sleep longer this way, but thanks to my wife who learned to accept this, I am usually sleeping up to 10 a.m. 🙂

I stay away from work during the weekend as much as possible, weekends belong to my family. I realized one thing pretty early, I do not want to live to work. I work to live a better life. That’s why I do everything possible to work as effectively as possible. On some days, I only work for a few hours, then go to a shop, buy some food and cook a quality dinner for my family. I know I could make more money by working more, but what’s the point? I make enough to secure all that my family needs and way more than that, so why sacrifice my personal life? I prefer to make less money and living my own family life too, over dying filthy rich at 50 with no-one around me 🙂


I understand and accept that my way of handling things, is not for everyone and some of you might not agree with what I just wrote. But for anyone who feels like they have a similar way of thinking, I suggest you follow these 3 rules :

1. Find partners to do business with, or at least to share an office with.
2. Do not abandon your social and family life, stay in contact with other people.
3. Set some schedule instead of working all the time, work belongs to the office.

I hope you found at least some value in my story!
Comments are welcome 🙂

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  1. I find peace and much of my “social interactions” via web cams….live chat actually……paid chat actually..ahem ahem….you guessed it *live cam strippers*

    I got one guy friend and thats it…Life is pretty boring as an affiliate, although i make good money, i’m still trying to figure out a way to make it more enjoyable…

    I’ve been working hard alone for more than a year now, and its weird for me to go out when to crowded place, i just feel weird lol

    1. Definitely find someone to work with! Or move to a more affiliate-heavy place. There are cities with quite heavy affiliate population – Amsterdam, Bangkok …

  2. Good post matuloo!

    I am exactly in that chapter of my affiliate “career”. Making good money but working alone. The problem is the anti social life and the horrible schedules i’ve been doing. I think i will do the same as you.. pick 1 or 2 friends and try to work with them as a team!! That will make my life a lot better.

    1. Yup, it has worked very well for me, but be careful who you pick. It’s not a decision for a month, think more long-term 🙂 There has to be some value in it for you too.

  3. This post is simply awesome, you nailed it.

    I was easily making $500 per month in cpa marketing when I just started, then for few months it is $700 and in others months it is just $250. Then few of friends asking me what I am doing online instead of developer job, so I am trying to answer them in easily, and later few of them ask me to learn them, and how I do it.

    I was thought, by educating them, I just making them as my competitors, but I am wrong, once I realize that. Then I start sharing my all of secrets to them, and later they also share some of their ideas, which is really really kick ass and make my CR a 20% more. It’s not about how you know the industry, a totally noob guy can teach you something which you will never learn from anywhere.

    Now I am making pure $100 in day(from free traffic), but as you said, the money is not important, so sometimes when I just hit the $80/day, then I just closed my computer and go for the cricket match. Then I realize, yes this is what I want from my life, not a $200 in a day.

    I was also sleep after 1:30 am wake up at 10:30, but now a days many of affliate network start adding their staff manager from all over world, mine is from Chinese, and I am Indian, so now the problem of time management is gone.

    Don’t try to compare yourself to big guys, like charlesngo or attila, malan. because one day you’ll realize you just wasted many of good things in your life just to reach $10k per day.

  4. I have bad news.
    Your warning came too late.
    Im the real deal! Diagnosed with Hancock and seal.
    The human, our math problems warned us about.
    Connecting total opposites and get working seems to be my deal.

    I was a German, English and Spanish teacher. University student.
    Sharing of languages and cultures. Human social behaviour is fascinating.
    I am a Gamer, IT techie, writer, translator, ENTP, entrepreneur, Sci-fi Dreamer.
    Recently became an adult model and digital marketeer, at my own brand BrandyPhilias.

    I immediately realized how manically psychotic one can become, when the learning curve is optimal.
    It gets even worse, once one knows X hours need to pass. Too soon to sleep too far to stay awake. No Cake.

    Overwhelming simple, jet neverending tasks! Impossible to humanely achieve. Getting desperate for time, Losing it from the sheer amount
    and then Brain shorts out and induces a self inflicted trauma based overclocking to reach the state of fusing with the machines to grind and rule the Multiverse single mindedly! Only my Ego can do that. 😉

    Weird how the thoughts got longer, only in the editor will it look like that:
    This subject was meant to be found by me. Thank you GFY colleague and respected elderly.

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