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Affiliates are taking over MOSCOW – Event hosted by the STM Forum and Leadbit.

Affiliate events and conferences became very popular lately, since they offer an excellent opportunity to meet fellow marketers, find out what the latest trends are … or just get wasted with other affiliates, the call is yours 🙂

US, Western Europe or Asia usually host the main events, but this time, the fun is coming to “Eastern Europe”!

For the first time in history, Moscow will host a large affiliate conference and the organizers made sure it’s gonna be a blast. Speeches, ton’s of networking options, drinks, food and an exceptional party to make it a complete package … it will all be there.

The event will take place on the 30th of March, so mark your calendars and plan the flights, it’s only two weeks away!

How do I know it’s gonna rock? Cause it’s hosted by the STM Forum folks, do I have to say more? 🙂 STM Forum has been recognized as the premier resource for the Affiliate Marketers for quite some time already, you’d have a hard time finding a better one. And I’m not saying that because I a moderator over there! 🙂

Did you know STM is also behind the two most popular Affiliate Conference of the world : Affiliate World Europe (AWE) and Asia (AWA)? This alone should be a guarantee that the Moscow even will be awesome too.

AWA and AWE are huge multiple-day events, but not everyone has to like that. And that’s why you should attend the Moscow event in case you’re one of those who don’t like crowded places. It’s gonna be smaller and 1 day only.

And the best part : Entrance is FREE for all quality affiliates. Thanks to Leadbit.Com, who is the main sponsor and organizer of the event, the entrance is free. Leadbit will even give a way a Porsche Cayenne to one of their affiliates at the conference and you can still take part in the contest, check this for details : http://porsche.leadbit.com/

You need to register on this site, to reserve your spot : http://affiliateconf.com/ In case you need VISA assistance, go here: http://affiliateconf.com/#visa I’m posting this a bit too late, so don’t delay your application and do it now.

Here is a plan of the location if you wanna have a look.

The facility is straight in the center of Moscow, pretty much the most prime location there is 🙂 Here is a google map link for you.

So far more than 500 affiliates have reserved their spots already and almost 50 exhibitors and sponsors have been confirmed for the event, but the final number will be a bit larger as is always the case. This means there will be a lot of people to meet, chat with and get information from! Here is a list of the confirmed exhibitors, many big names are on the list.

Affiliates love to party and Leadbit.Com knows this very well, that’s why they prepared a pretty crazy party for all the attendees. To get an idea about what it should look like, check out this video from one of their previous ones 🙂 Looks pretty tempting I have to admit!

I’m sure the event will be a blast, so whoever is close enough to Moscow, should definitely attend. Moscow is an awesome city with plenty of stuff to explore, so if you ever planned to check it out, now you have one more reason for doing so.

Summary :

1. Event takes place on the 30th of March

2. Main sponsor : Leadbit .Com organized in cooperation with the STM Forum

3. Entrance is FREE for all quality affiliates

4. You have to register first on this site : http://affiliateconf.com/

5. There is still a chance to win the Porsche, details are here : http://porsche.leadbit.com/

Moscow awaits you, prepare for a day full of speeches, networks, partying and … VODKA 🙂

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