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Why I don’t offer coaching and what training program I would recommend?

Ever since I accepted the moderator position on STM Forum, plenty of people approached me with one question : “Do you offer any course or coaching?” And as you could guess, when I launched my blog, the interested has risen even more. I’m not saying it’s hundreds of people asking for my services, but I do get these requests every week 🙂

But I’m turning all these requests down, I don’t do coaching or run a course, and don’t plan to do that anytime soon. Wondering why I’m turning these “easy money” offers down? Well, read below :

The most important thing I would ever want from a coach, would be his full attention and help WHEN I NEED IT – so some sort of frequent if not live support. I would also want help with several aspects of the business, including design, copywriting, campaign setup, optimization … and what not. This means, I wouldn’t actually want the help of a single coach, but rather a TEAM OF COACHES.

And since there is just the one of me and not a team of Matuloo’s … I don’t coach 🙂 Simple as that, I wouldn’t feel comfortable charging for service that I wouldn’t be happy with myself. If I ever attempted to handle the tasks of a team on my own, the first thing I’d have to do, would be to stop running affiliate campaigns myself. And who would be interested into an affiliate marketing coach that doesn’t run his own campaigns? I certainly WOULD NOT! 🙂

That’s why I’m not doing coaching and never will do that ON MY OWN. I’m offering help to anyone who is interested – on the STM Forum – where I can keep my own schedule, and choose when to reply to what… that’s what my schedule allows for now. So if you want my help, be my guest and join us at STM Forum 🙂


There is a ton of courses online, many people offer coaching or training – some are worth it to some point, some are not at all. There are people who charge $1000s for the same knowledge (or less) that we already have on STM Forum for years, we see coaches left and right … it has come to a point, where experienced affiliates make fun of anyone who claims to be a guru

Ever heard about Guru KYLE for example? 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/gurukyleofficial/
Attila’s guide on becoming a “GURU” got a lot of attention too : http://iamattila.com/iamteacher/the-8-step-guide-on-how-to-become-a-successful-guru.php

I don’t feel like bashing people, so I’m not gonna tell you which course is bad or which coach you should stay away from … I will do exactly the opposite 🙂 Because there is one course that I think is the BEST right now.

So, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, I’m gonna put my name and reputation at stakes and recommend an online course to anyone who wants to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

The name of the course is : 6 Week Affiliate Marketing Challenge (6WAMC)!

Just so we are very clear about what I’m recommending here – it’s a course or a training program, not a book of magic spells … you need to put the work in and take action or you will fail just as ugly as without it. Even if you take action, you might still fail, because AM simply isn’t for everybody … I just want to be very honest with you, I hate to promise the heaven and moon.

So now when all is clear, let’s move on.


Let’s stick to the facts, without any bold claims or fancy language 🙂

1. It’s been founded by the same people who were behind the STM Forums. Namely Zeno, who wrote a large part of the guides on the forum and who is the in the TOP3 thanked STM members of all times. Zeno is something like a “father” of the course, who managed the whole process of putting it together.

2. The course runs in rounds, with a limited amount of people that can join each round. With a limited amount of students, the teachers can control the work flow and dedicate enough time to each of them, which is awesome in my opinion. The members of every round can communicate together via an in-house communication system. There are goals to reach, so you can see how well you are doing compared to the other students… this has proven itself as a great way of motivation.

3. There is a TEAM of people taking care of the students. Remember how I emphasized the need of a team, in order to provide certain level of support? Here you have it! And it’s not just some team, you’re in hands of the best.

Hugh Hancock – Hugh (Caurmen) produced maybe half of the guides you can find on STM, which makes him very qualified to give AM related advice. He specialized in automation and analytical processes. Hugh also speaks on major conferences such as AWE or AWA …

Amy (Vortex) – Another STM moderator, renowned for writing detailed, easy to follow newbie guides. Amy specializes in POPs and Mobile traffic in general.

Shishev – Yet another STM moderator, who specializes in everything related to design on top of running affiliate campaigns.

But it doesn’t stop here, and this is another huge reason for me to recommend the 6WAMC to you, this round will introduce the so-called “All-Star Acceleration Modules”, that will feature video content produced exclusively for this course. There will be stuff from these guys :

Tom Claflin : Tom is actually one of the first students who took the 6WAMC course back in 2014. He will share his story with you, describing how he went from being almost broke to making $10.000 revenue per day. How’s that for a proof that the course is working? 🙂

FBQueen – Kristina is one of the most successful female affiliate marketers, and as her nickname suggests, she is heavily focused on Facebook. Learn how to master this traffic source beast with her.

Drew Eric Whitman – Expert copywriter and the author of the best selling book Cashvertising. I’ve seen Eric giving a speech at AWE last year … it was one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen, hands down.

There will be more, refer to the 6WAMC site to see the full lineup and more details.

4. The whole training program is laid out over 6 weeks, logically broken down into chapters that you need to go over one by one, in order to be prepared for the next one. Approximately 3 hours a day are needed, to take full advantage of the program and to make sure you understand each and every step of the process.

Large part of the content is prepared in form of videos – tutorial, guides, explanations … this means you need to be able to understand spoken English.

Here is a sample video for you, explaining the basic concept of the training program itself, including details about the all-star modules :

5. There is an in-house support system. Every student is eligible for private support form the Teaching Assistants, but there are also general channels where you can chat with other students, exchange ideas and form masterminds. The networking alone will often out-weight all the other features, as the right connections can really push you forward in any business, including AM.

6. There are BONUSES 🙂 And a lot of them … $$$ credits at traffic sources, discounts on tools, trials on more tools … Automatic acceptance into traffic and affiliate networks…

What I like a lot about these bonuses is that they all make sense for all sides involved. The 6WAMC students will learn how to buy traffic, so it’s absolutely understandable that traffic networks offer them an entry bonus, if the traffic works, they will buy more. Affiliate networks want good affiliates, so obviously they will gladly take trained affiliates … it’s the purest form of a WIN-WIN scenario in my opinion, with no shady side motives.

I could go on, but I’d say the POSITIVES are pretty obvious. There is always a BUT, right? 🙂 There is one here too, the training program is not cheap, it costs $2997 per person. Is it too much? Well, depends on how you look at it I would say.

In all honesty, if it was available when I was starting out with paid traffic, I would jump on it immediately. I wasted more than $2997 on stupid mistakes, not even mentioning the time it could have had saved me.


There are many courses out there, but based on what I know about them, the 6WAMC is the best of them. I’m not attempting to bash anyone, I don’t try to pretend that I know about all the courses out there too … but based on my best knowledge, 6WAMC is the only one that I can personally recommend at this point.

There are no guarantees that you will learn how to make a ton of $$$ by taking it, but your chances will rise exponentially, that’s something I’m willing to bet my reputation on.

The course is definitely not cheap, but it’s still among the “cheaper” ones. $2997 will buy you a ton of instructional videos, close-to-live support from established affiliate marketers, who are still running their own campaigns, plenty of bonuses in ad credits, tool trials and priority acceptance into traffic and affiliate networks. The financial bonuses alone will pretty much cover the cost of the course, in case you actually use all of them, that is.

On top of that, you will be able to communicate with other students, exchange ideas and form masterminds. As a 6WAMC student, you will also get a discounted ticket to the Affiliate World Conferences, that take place in Berlin and Bangkok.

Wondering if you have to take the course in order to make it in AM? Well, you don’t, just as you don’t need to attend university or any other school for that matter … and still earn a lot of $ in your life. But, will it help you? Definitely, just like a University will help anyone who’s willing to put the work in 🙂

Remember how I mentioned that the course runs in rounds? The next round starts on May 1st, so you still have a few days to join in 🙂

Check out the 6WAMC site for more information.

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