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Traffic Networks Explained – Do We Need Them?


Traffic Networks are given several names by affiliates, so let me list all that I have heard so far, whichever of them you see, it’s still the same thing : Traffic Source, Ad Network, Banner Network, Traffic Broker. All of these refer to the traditional setup where the network manages advertising placements/spots on the sites of their publishers.

Sometimes you will also see the term “Pop or Popunder Network”, this refers to Traffic Networks that focus exclusively on “Pop Up” or “Pop Under traffic”. Pops are those down-sized, or full size windows that open on top of the browser window or behind it.

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Sweeps Offers – WTF Is That? Do They Work?

Sweeps offers have taken the affiliate side of internet by a storm, but what the hell are these offers about in the first place? Are they working at all, or is it just another BS that people rave about without any reason? And how ethical it is to promote these, is it a scam or not?

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